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Jamie C. Smith - Brand and Marketing Consultant

It Began Over a Beer

I helped pioneer the craft beer industry and built several iconic brands along the way. 

My career in marketing began over a beer. A passionate home brewer with loftier aspirations to start my own brewery, I took the helm of marketing at the regional brewery, Firestone Walker. Serving as Head of Marketing and Brand for Firestone Walker Brewing Company for 15 years, I saw the emergence of craft beer from a novel idea to a powerful influencer in the beverage world.

At Firestone Walker I was proud to build and lead a world-class team of creative and marketing minded people who introduced ground-breaking brands like 805. I know the importance of leveraging limited resources to tell stories and propel brands to another level.

From leading a team to working as a brand and marketing consultant, I’ve helped several companies find their story. My clients have ranged from CPG brands to tourism and even non-profits, with every experience providing a new challenge and opportunity.

I understand and embrace the challenges of limited budgets/resources and competitive marketplaces. I know the path of creating and navigating a marketing plan with small teams in an ever-evolving dynamic.

Working with business owners and internal marketing teams to help discover unique brand stories and share them with the world through marketing innovation is what I do.

Firestone Walker Brandifesto

Calwise Brandifesto

805 Lucky B

Brand – Discovery/Conceptualization

Finding That “thing” That Sets You Apart

Whether you’re starting out or have an established business, your brand is key to your success. Most companies find themselves quickly entrenched in the immediate needs of their business and brand often takes a reluctant back seat. Outside perspective from an experienced and proven source can help you uncover your brand and set it on a course to differentiate your company.

Marketing Strategy

Activating Your Brand

Marketing isn’t one thing, but several things that provide a way to communicate with potential and existing customers. Executing thoroughly via multiple channels is key to having success. I’ll help you build a plan to get there.

Resources & Execution

Making It Happen

I can help source then manage people and resources to execute your marketing plan. From design to PR, I bring my experience leading a team and vendors to your business. This means a well-executed plan without excessive costs.

Mentorship & Consultation

A Sounding Board

Sometimes it’s nice to have an outside and experienced perspective when making key decisions. Additionally, younger marketing teams can benefit from someone that knows their challenges. My experience allows me to approach your projects from another vantage point and help make your team more effective and efficient.

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